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Banoffee Cups

The classic banoffee, but in trivial form with adorable little banoffee cups topped with whipped cream, homemade fudge, banana slices, and buttery cookie crumbs.

What is banoffee pie?
A traditional British dessert with sponge dough, toffee or dulce de leche filling, banana slices, and whipped cream. How can you go wrong with such a combination? It got its name because it is essentially a combination of banana and candy. Hmm

Why should I make these banoffee cups?

These banoffee cups play off the flavors of a banoffee pie by placing them in layers in little individual cups. You get all the yummy flavors, but double layers of them!

They look so visually pretty, and are easy to serve as an individual dessert in parties.

Banoffee in general is a really easy dessert to make, and I think this version takes a lot less time because instead of boiling a can of condensed milk to make dulce de leche, you just need to cook the condensed milk for a few minutes in a saucepan.

What ingredients do I need to make banoffee?

For the crust:

Biscuit crumbs: Traditionally digestive biscuits are used, a super popular biscuit in the UK and Middle East. They have a mild flavor, similar to graham crackers, which is why graham crackers make a great substitute. Something else you might try would be lotus speculoos biscuits, or a mix of both!

For the filling:

Some recipes use dulce de leche, which is basically boiled sweetened condensed milk. I think the process of submering a can in hot water for hours is super tiresome, so I do a stovetop version instead, combining sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar and butter.

To assemble the layers:

Heavy cream, icing sugar, and vanilla to make a slightly sweetened whipped cream.

Sliced bananas with a squeeze of lemon juice to prevent the bananas from browning, and grated chocolate or cocoa powder for dusting on the top.

Assembling the banoffee cup layers:

Prepare the crumb crust, by mixing together biscuit or cracker crumbs with melted butter and a pinch of cinnamon. To break the biscuits down into crumbs, you can use either a food processor, or place them in a freezer bag and bash them with a rolling pin.

Place a couple tablespoon of this crumb mix in the bottom of your dessert cups, press down the mixture lightly and place in the fridge to set a little while you prepare the toffee.

How do I make the toffee filling?

Add the butter and brown sugar to a saucepan, and stir until the butter melts and the sugar has dissolved. It’s ok if the butter and sugar separate a little, they’ll come back together once you add in the condensed milk. Add the sweetened condensed milk, and heat, stirring constantly. Keep stirring because this burns easily if left in contact with the saucepan for too long. Once the mixture comes to a boil, keep cooking and stirring for another few minutes until it turns golden brown and thickens, then immediately remove from the heat.

Make the sweetened whipped cream:

By beating together the whipped cream, icing sugar and vanilla. Make sure the bowl is clean, and the whipped cream cold for easier whipping.


Make layers on top of the crumb crust of toffee, sliced bananas, whipped cream, and repeat! Depending on the cups you use you could have two layers or more, I had two. Garnish the top of the banoffee with grated chocolate (like Flake), or cocoa powder and store in the fridge for a few hours to set

Tips and tricks for banoffee success:

Make this your own! Adjust the thickness of the layers to your taste. If you have a sweet tooth, be more generous with the toffee. If you love bananas, slice them thicker!

To keep this visually pretty even after a few days in the fridge, toss the banana slices with lemon juice to keep them from browning.

Substitute the digestive biscuits for graham crackers or speculoos biscuits or a mix of any if you prefer.

To save on time, you can use ready made toffee or dulce de leche filling instead of making your own.

Heavy cream whips better when it’s cold, and in a clean bowl.

Storing leftover banoffee:

Banoffee pie doesn’t freeze well, but can be refrigerated loosely covered for up to 5 days. The whipped cream will flatten a little, but it’ll still taste just delicious.

Banoffee Cups

Layers of whipped cream, homemade toffee, sliced bananas and buttery biscuit crumbs, these are a delicious individual take on a classic banoffee pie.
Prep Time 10 days
Cook Time 10 days
Total Time 20 days
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 6


For the crust:

  • 5 oz digestive biscuits or graham crackers 150 g, 10 digestive biscuits
  • 1/3 cup melted unsalted butter 75 g
  • pinch cinnamon powder

For the filling:

  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk 15 zo, 400g
  • 1/4 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup butter 1/2 stick, 56 g

To assemble:

  • 2-3 bananas, thinly sliced
  • squeeze lemon juice
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream, cold 250 ml
  • 2 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • cocoa powder or grated chocolate to top


For the crust:

  • Crush the biscuits into a fine powder by using a food processor, or placing them in a large freezer bag and whacking them with a rolling pin.
  • Stir the crumbs with melted butter and cinnamon until well moistened. Place 2 tablespoon or so of crust into each dessert cup, press down with a spoon to get an even, compressed layer, and place in the fridge while you prepare the filling.

Make the toffee:

  • Stir the butter and brown sugar for the filling in a heavy bottomed saucepan on low heat until melted and combined. Add the condensed milk, turn heat up to medium and cook, stirring constantly until mixture comes to a boil and thickens and darkens into a light golden brown color, a few minutes. Remove from heat.

To assemble:

  • With an electric mixer, whip the heavy cream with the icing sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form.
  • In a separate bowl, toss the sliced bananas with a squeeze of lemon juice,this will help prevent browning.
  • Take out the cups from the fridge, and add 1-2 tbsps of the toffee filling on top of the biscuit crumbs in each cup, then add a layer of sliced bananas, and whipped cream topping. Repeat layers with more biscuit crumbs, toffee, bananas and whipped cream if you have space in your cup. 
  • Keep in the fridge until ready to serve, it's best if the banoffee chills a few hours or overnight.

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