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how to make berry tarts

berry tart

This blueberry pie is easy, delicious, and the perfect way to use up lots of fresh summer berries. With a shortbread crust, a dreamy vanilla custard and a bright and juicy fresh berry mix, this dessert is sure to win your heart with every delicious bite!

Easy Berry Tart Recipe

There’s something truly special about the arrival of fresh berry season! Whether they’re baked into a strawberry cobbler, blended into a refreshing smoothie, or simply used to garnish mini cheesecakes, fresh berries have a magical way of elevating recipes. So, I decided to honor this berry season by making an incredibly delicious fresh berry tart with a buttery shortbread crust filled with creamy vanilla custard!

But before you start dreading the idea of making pastry or custard, here’s the best part – this berry tart recipe is easy to make! Unlike traditional pie crusts that require meticulous rolling and careful handling, the shortbread crust in this recipe comes together effortlessly in a food processor and is simply patted into the tart tin. Plus, you can easily use store-bought custard or even a vanilla pudding mix if you prefer. You don’t need to be a pastry chef to whip up this yummy homemade tart!

* Why You’ll Love This Berry Tart
  • Easy Elegant Dessert! Surprisingly easy to make, this beautiful dessert features a simple shortbread crust that requires no fancy pastry skills, and you can even use store-bought custard! With this recipe, you can have an elegant tart ready in less than an hour!
  • Fresh Berry Delight! This tart is the perfect way to showcase the deliciousness of fresh berries. With a buttery shortbread crust filled with vanilla custard and then topped with an assortment of colorful berries, each creamy and refreshing bite is pure perfection. 
  • Versatile Dessert! Whether you’re hosting a weekend brunch, afternoon tea, or a special event, this tart is a crowd-pleaser. It’s a dessert that not only tastes incredible but also looks like a work of art, making it perfect for any gathering.

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